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From a man eating a rotisserie chicken on the changing table to finding a strange carp left on the bathroom floor it gets weirder!!

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# 9 Vintage Mexican Jewelry
In Bel Air, California a couple who had just moved into their new house found a surprise in their bathroom. Underneath the vanity in their bathroom, they noticed a strange area in the tile on the wall. After pushing and removing a pseudo tile, they discovered tons of pieces of vintage jewelry from Mexico. That’s probably the best surprise to find in a bathroom. Much better than going into your bathroom after a family dinner in a shady restaurant.

# 8 $51,080 Dollars
One couple found a 50-year-old safe in their bathroom wall. It was filled with $51,080 US dollars mostly in 100 dollar notes, a 1960 bottle of bourbon, and a book called A Guide For the Perplexed by E.F. Schumacher. There definitely seems to be a story behind this hidden stash, but if there is, it’s probably lost to history forever.

# 7 5 feet
It’s easy to assume that whoever is hiding behind this stall wall is doing something naughty, but if you look closer you might think twice about that suggestion. Look at their feet! What positions would they possibly be standing in? Maybe these are just the limbs belonging to a five-legged being? On second thought, I don’t want to try visualizing this

# 6 A Carp
Someone decided to make this McDonald’s employee’s day a little bit more interesting/annoying. While cleaning up the bathroom, he found a gigantic dead carp pushed up against the bathroom. First of all, who managed to sneak this huge fish into McDonald’s without anyone noticing. Secondly, why did they do that just to leave it in there? How rude do you have to be just to drop a carp on the floor of someone else’s workplace? They probably do not pay this employee enough to clean up someone else’s dirty carp.

# 5 Chopped Red Onions
Someone at this public high school decided it would be a good idea to bring a bag of chopped red onions to school and then throw them loosely into the toilet. Unless this is the beginning of some new fangled teen trend, I think that this was done by a comical genius. Or just a jerk with too much time on his hands. If there was anyone who would spend their time chopping up what looks like several red onions just to make some stranger’s life inconvenient, it would be a high school student.

# 4 Pig Head
This fun find was discovered in the bathroom of a rowing club in Amsterdam. One might be inclined to think this is the result of a bad case of food poisoning. Okay maybe not that, but it is definitely some sort of weird alternative satanic sacrifice right? Actually, it’s nothing too esoteric or bizarre. This is apparently one step in a series of hazing rituals in which new recruits to the rowing team. In order to join they must dine in the club, piss over the lady’s dressing room floor and put a pig’s head in the toilet. So it’s not some kind of cultist thing, just some careless youths making life hard for everyone.

# 3 A Rat
A guest at this hotel heard a mysterious scratching sound coming from his bathroom. Having learned from the mistakes of countless horror movie main characters, instead of investigating he called the hotel staff to investigate for him. What they found was a creepy, crawly monster. A huge rat had crawled its way up and gotten stuck inside of the pipes. Apparently, it's a common occurrence for rats to crawl up into toilet piping, but if I was staying at this hotel I would be checking out faster than that rat crawled into the toilet.

# 2 Snake in the Toilet
A patron of a Starbucks in San Antonio walked in to find this nightmare in the public toilet. Of all the things found in bathrooms, this might be the most unnerving. A small snake was coiled around the rim of the toilet, seemingly waiting for its prey. How did this snake even get in this Starbucks? I thought their bathrooms were only for paying customers. Seeing this snake crawl around a toilet really invokes a vivid image of a snake attacking your precious undercarriage. Makes you wonder what else might be lurking in the shadows of a public toilet.

# 1 Yo-Yo Ma & A Wombat
In 2011, world renowned Cellist Yo-Yo Ma was found lying on the bathroom floor with Wilbur the Wombat. So why was Yo-Yo Ma, a multiple Grammy-winning, 2010 recipient of the White House Presidential Medal of Freedom, horizontal in a public bathroom? Well apparently, Yo-Yo Ma had requested a meet and greet with Brookfield Zoo’s Wilbur the Wombat. So the wombat was brought out to a dressing room in the venue the famous cellist had been rehearsing at. When he took a break he was so excited to see the Wombat, and he did not hesitate to get right down on the ground and hang out. A World famous musician and a wombat might be the most surreal thing to find in a public bathroom.



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