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Here are 13 most terrifying creatures out there some so weird you might not have even heard of them like the scary zombie fungus!

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6. Japanese Spider Crab
This giant monstrosity looks like it was made by a mad God drunk with power. It already looks like it was transplanted right out of a horror movie so there wouldn’t be much work to do. This crab has the longest legs of any marine crab, it has a leg span from claw to claw of 12 feet. The length of the crab's legs has led to it being a favorite among Japanese fisherman. The overfishing of this species has led to a conservation effort being put into effect. The crab is actually very gentle and it’s not likely to eat you. Up the size of this crab and you end up with Cloverfield monster 2.0. They even look similar. Now time to go destroy New York.

5. Fanged Fish
Not much is known about this fish that was caught in Maybelle, TX in 2014. The picture was posted to a citizen's’ blog and they talked about friends bringing the 6 foot and 8-inch fish to be weighed. The fish weighed in at 150 pounds and there is no doubt that those wicked teeth definitely leave an impression. We could see this fish hunting down bikini clad sorority sisters in its own horror movie.

4. Komodo dragon
Komodo dragons may not look as threatening as their namesake tends to be depicted but, they are still not to be messed with. They are scavengers so they will eat pretty much anything that they can find. They have also been known to feast on humans if they can find them, which they often don’t because we don’t exactly run into each other at the grocery store. Their venom is a lethal cocktail of various unpleasantness. The most notable of these venoms is an anticoagulant that will stop the blood from clotting in a wound. Seeing a komodo dragon eat is downright horrifying like you see in this jaw breaking photo of one shoveling a huge piece of meat in it’s mouth. Along with the anticoagulant, there is also a host of different paralytic toxins. Basically, don’t meet these things in a dark alleyway.

3. Butcherbird
How does this small seemingly harmless bird get a name like a butcherbird? Well, these birds have some quirky little eating habits. They actually impale their prey like a shish kabob on thorns or anything else that would work to impale something. The impaled prey can be saved for later eating or, in one of the most messed up mating practices in the animal kingdom, attract mates. Do I even need to explain why this would work in a horror movie? Anyone who doesn’t want to be impaled on a spike understands why this has a major horror factor. If Alfred Hitchcock was still alive he would have done this movie already.

2. Zombie Fungus
Don’t know what you’re looking at? That is zombie fungus or entomopathogenic fungus. There are many types of this fungus but, they all affect their host with a mind control. That’s right, mind control. The fungus will grow and feed on the insect, all while altering the host's behavioral patterns. The fungus needs an exceptionally high humidity level to grow so they are most common in tropical forests in Thailand and the Brazilian rainforest. This fungus can singlehandedly destroy entire ant colonies. An interpretation of this fungus has already been explored in the video game The Last of Us with a mind-controlling fungus being spread among humans and creating the zombies in the game. The game is definitely right, though. If this fungus ever spread to humans we would be rightly screwed.

The botfly is arguably the most disgusting and unsettling bug in the entire world. Botflies are parasites that burrow into the flesh of their host to lay their eggs and they even have a very special species that only preys on humans. You can see this this photo a man has been selected to host these terrifying larvae on and in his back! There is no easy method of removal either. You can’t even just squeeze or rip off the larvae because the fluids in their body can cause anaphylactic shock. This is way worse than the bugs in The Wrath of Khan. Sure, they don’t control your mind or anything but, the gross-out factor is high and the gore that comes hand in hand with this parasite would make something fierce on screens. Also, that itching sensation you’re feeling all of a sudden is definitely one of these monsters. You should panic now.



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