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Sony's next-gen console is coming soon! Here is everything we know about the hardware of the PS5 & about games in development for the platform.

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1st track: "Climb" by Clueless Kit

2nd track: "God of War Trap Remix" by Trap Music Now
/> 3rd track: "Let Me Down" by Ukiyo
/> 4th track: "Skyrim/Elder Scrolls Theme Orchestra" by Plasma3Music
/> 5th track: "GTA V - Welcome To Los Santos Cover" by SquidPhysics
/> 6th track: "Platinum" by Ukiyo

7th track: "Let Me Down" by Ukiyo
The Witcher 3 comparison by Digital Foundry:

PS4 & PS VR product shots by The Verge:


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