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Ps1 vs ps2 vs ps3 vs ps4 Need for speed graphics comparison -----


PS1 vs PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4 Graphics comparison

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All Playstation home consoles comparison, including the PS4 Pro new 4K upgraded version of the PS4, video supports upscaled 1080p quality, resulting in 4K.

A Comparison between the 4 consoles in the Horror Genre games since the PS1 to the PS4. PS1 - Resident Evil 3 PS2 - Resident.

Ps1:Gta1,Gta2 (Gta2 I forgot sry) Ps2:Gta San andreas,Gta3 (Gta3 I forgot sry) Ps3:Gta IV and V ( GtaV or 5 I forgot sry) Ps4:Gta V


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