If Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" were a Christian song by Beckah Shae by Beckah Shae   1 год. назад

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(Shape of You - Beckah Shae's Way)

▼ Lyrics :
Shape of You (I Worship You)

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So to you, is where I go
Me and my naked heart
In Your presence getting wrecked
Drinking fast until I overflow

You come over and start up a conversation with just me
And I trust you, cause you understand
Then you take my hand, woh!
You sweep me away in your peace
And then we start to dance
And I’m singing like

Lord you know I love your love
Your love’s amazing, to choose somebody like me
And now I’ma follow Your lead
If they think I’m crazy, I don’t care
I’ll say hey, I can’t say enough
How you laid down Your life, so we could be free
So now I’ma follow Your lead
C’mon, c’mon now follow His lead

You are Love, and I worship You
Whatever You say, I will do
You have my heart, show me the truth
Elohim, breathe on me
Let your glory fill this room
Till everything smells just like You
Everyday discovering something brand new
Elohim, breathe on me

Holy Holy Holy Holy
Elohim breathe in me
Holy Holy Holy Holy
Elohim breathe through me
Holy Holy Holy Holy
Ruach Elohim breathe on me
Everyday You’re making me someone brand new
You are Love and I worship you

So weak I had no strength left, but to cry
That’s when You showed me just how great
You are, cause You saw me, told me I’d never be lonely
Then showed me You heard every word I prayed
We talked for hours and hours about Your Spirit and power
How everything’s gonna be ok
With each glimpse of eternity, I find joy in the suffering
And found a way where there was no way
And I’m singing like

Come On Holy Spirit Come On
Come On Holy Spirit Come On
Come On Holy Spirit Come On
Come On Holy Spirit Come On

You are Love and I worship You

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“Shape of You” – originally by Ed Sheeran
Written by: Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac & Johnny McDaid
Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing & Universal Music Publishing



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