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Take a peek into the beginning of your favorite animals lives. Here are 19 Womb Photos.

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13. Bats
If I didn’t mention already that these were bats, could you have guessed? The wings look similar but the head and color seem totally uncharacteristic of what think of when we see a bat. Their heads are similar to army helmets but they will certainly grow up and creep you out when they get chance and maybe even fly around in your hair.

12. Cheetah.
The fastest land animal in the world can reach speeds of over 70 miles an hour in quick sprints. Seen in the photo we can remark its humble beginnings. On average the mother will give birth to 3 baby cheetahs at one time and will remain with its mother for couple years to it’s ready to hunt on its own.

11. Snake
Since snakes are reptiles, they don’t develop inside a womb but inside an egg that will be hatched when it’s mature. With no vertebrae, the snake is able to coil into a spiral shape and take up less space. Eventually it will grow so big that it pushes up against the walls of the eggs and breaks it open. Here were can see through it head and it’s growing circulatory system.

10. Kitten
The internet is littered with tons of cat photos and I’m sure you’re wondering, “Hmm, I wonder what a cat fetus looks Well don’t worry, HecticExpress has you covered. Cats can even be adorable even when they are covered in embryotic fluid. This little guy might grow up to be your pet!

9. The Tiger Shark
The tiger shark begins to look like the fierce predator in the ocean that it is at an early age with its teeth already popping out. They’ve earned a stature of being a savage man-eater only behind great white sharks and they won’t give up after just one bite. Unfortunately for this guy, his species is slowing becoming endangered due to fishing so anyone who gets bit probably deserves it.

8. Penguin
If you say you’ve seen anything cuter than a baby penguin I’m sure I believe you. For right now it’s safe to say that it has some, well, growing up to do. This chick will hatch soon and be fed a nutrient of “milk” that actually comes from both parents and not the female, unlike with mammals. This is often regurgitated into the mouth of the baby. Not sure if I still think baby penguins are cute.

7. Horse
This baby horse isn’t quite big enough to ride just yet. He’s still covered in some type of plasma and still remains to be one color. Without mentioning that it was a horse, I probably would have guessed it was a camel due to the shape of the head and from the color. But I usually don’t play, “guess this fetus” professionally.

6. The possum
Can you guess which animal this one is? If you said possum, you’re correct! Possums are marsupials, so that means it will remain in its mother’s pouch until it’s mature enough to walk on its own. Possums are often scavengers and you might find this scurrying through your trash! Which leads us to our next marsupial!

5. Kangaroos
Gday Mate! This baby kangaroo fetus is shown inside his moms’ womb and can’t do any hoppin’ around just yet! This herbivore is known for carrying their young or (joey) in their pouch for up to 450 days. Once it’s a full grown adult, it can as high as 6 feet and reach speeds of 35 miles an hour!

4. Penguin
This penguin is getting ready to hatch! Older than our last penguin shown, you can notice the beak so more definable and actually looks like a penguin. As chicks, the feathers on their bodies remain grey until they shed this layer when they get older, leaving them black and white as expected.

3. Chihuahua
Yo quiero taco bell? Named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua where they are believed to have originated from, this is one of the smallest breeds of dogs in the world. He’s even smaller when he’s inside of his mother’s womb. Normally Chihuahuas are born small liters, making it even easier for his madre!

2. Another Cat
If your cat has ever been pregnant you might have wondered what her kittens look like on the inside. No need to get an ultrasound Cat scan, Cats can smell and taste while only 7 weeks in the womb and begin to groom themselves. They begin to grow every day and are preparing to make their entry into the world.

Probably the most recognizable and magnificent animal on the list. Right now, this elephant fetus is small enough to fit inside its mothers’ womb, which is quite incredible when you consider that’ll be at least 6,000 pounds. I don’t care what car you have, it’s still much heavier than your car!



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