THE ERISED (Ukraine)- Heroes, Eurovision2018 by Leila Top Voice   2 год. назад

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The Erised (Ukraine) has presented their song "HEROES" for Eurovision 2018.
The frontwoman Sonya Sukhorukova says this song is about a dream, everyone has their own dream and everyone is worthy to come to it.

Again the night is flowing into my veins
No end to pain inside,rules are made to abide
Pleadind the morning to come and fling hope
Wind to help me cope
Marks won't fade
Taking up the shade
White or spade
I'm gonna wade.

Dreams merit all our lives
Single we are in hives
Till the High Castle stand,
The world will not end
Even if stars collide ,
I'm gonna win this fight
For freedom we dive
It makes us alive

And then, I'm feeling the dawn grasping my hand
Broken, I'm getting the shards out from within
My own life, ending up the strife
Gun or knife I'm no low life

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