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5 Sky Monsters Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


The skies are filled with as much mystery and wonder as the depths of the ocean and the vastness of outer space. There have been many unexplainable sightings of fantastic flying creatures caught on video that leave things open to speculation of what is hiding up in the clouds. Films like The Neverending Story have built entire characters around interesting skybourne animals. We’ve seen evidence of dragons, humanoids soaring through the air and many strange phenomena. Here’s a list of 5 Sky Monsters Caught On Camera In Real Life, let’s begin.

Alien-like Flying Vehicle

Video of what appears to be some kind of humanoid wearing a spacesuit was riding in a flying vehicle. The creature seemed to traversing a desert area doing research or collecting samples. It flies over a large area methodically. The narrator seems to believe that it is merely video of some government branch testing out an experimental aircraft. It moves unlike anything that is known to the public so that is a plausible explanation. The location also backs up the claim because most government testing is done in areas where few people live to avoid detection.


The Mothman is a winged humanoid creature that is known to stalk the woods of the East coast. There are several videos online claiming to show the hideous insect-like humanoid. It was said to be seen in Point Pleasant, WV area between 1966 and 1967. The creature was also the subject of a feature film, The Mothman Prophecies, that starred Richard Gere. It told the story of a researcher determined to prove its existence. Mothman is one of the most enduring members of the cryptids family as has a great deal of believers. A giant insect man flying through the woods of the Eastern U.S. sound feasible.

Humanoid Caught Flying In Background Of Couple’s Video

A couple was posing for a video being shot by their companion, when a strange shape appeared behind them in the sky. Upon zooming in, you could see the figure has what appears to be arms, legs, and a head. It hovered in the air in a manner similar to Superman and observed the trio for a brief period of time. Once it noticed that the people on the ground were watching him, the figure zoomed off across the sky at high speeds. Some still believe it’s just CGI or some other type of camera wizardry.

Dragon Creature Seen Flying Over City

A video captures a creature with a huge wingspan flying over a town. The creature can clearly be flapping its large wings as it flew across the sky before disappearing behind the dark clouds that covered the sky. It appears to have four legs and a long tail, which led some to believe that it may have been a dragon. The distance and video quality make it hard to distinguish exactly what it is however. The creature also had what appeared to be spikes or talons protruding from its wings. It looks like something straight out of Skyrim.

Strange Fairy Seen In Garden In The UK

In a garden located in the UK a father is filming his children and their friend as they tour a garden a some of the places they’ve been exploring. They enter a heavily wooded area and begin looking at the different flowers when they notice something strange on a tree limb. They investigate and the creature makes a buzzing noise before flying at them, it appears to have human-like arms and legs with wings on its back. They all run away, frightened by the small creepy humanoid. There are many legends of fairies and demons that look strangely similar to this creature.

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