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The best iq option strategy... Now You Can Get Free iq options Signals.
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I remind you that you no longer have to download any additional software or anything like that to implement this iq option binary option strategy.

Here is the iq option strategy configuration indicators:

●Timing interval: 15 seconds

●WMA: Yellow color, 7

●EMA: Red color, 18

●EMA : Red color, 25

●Awesome Oscilator: 35 - 4

Another thing that I would like to comment you and you must be checking is your timing, to me it has worked And what has given me better results is to put it to 3 or 4 minutes, although it will depend a lot on how the graphics are behaving, as it behaving the asset with which you are working.

Other extra tips that I would like to give you and that will increase by a lot the odds that you have more signals with that indicator, is to divide our screen into 4, if you already had other open assets here we will close them and we will open them again.

I like to work a lot with currencies and as you can see, when you turn them open you will automatically load the configuration that you put in this first, then you no longer have to reconfigure everything and now we are going here in grid layout and we chose in 4 graphs.

Now we are ready to implement our best strategy and its like receive iq option signals.


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