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Bill is back swimming with a mermaid again This time we're taking a look at Stingrays in Grand Cayman. #mermaids #stingrays # Grand Cayman

In this video, we’re going to be swimming with mermaids and Stingrays. The reason I wanted to do this is because most people think stingrays are really dangerous and will attack you on sight. But is that the real story with stingrays? or is that just a big fat misconception.

Today I’m joining Captain Jason owner of the Cayman Snorkel Co. on the Island of Grand Cayman. Jason and his first mate Alex are going to help me get out to where I need to go to meet up with my mermaid guide who knows a lot about stingrays and will probably have some answers for us.

Followiing the map, Captain Jason took us out about 2 miles to the place we were instructed to go. The sky was blue and water was crystal clear… Even better, our mermaid was right on time but with a little surprise...

I was a little nervous to tell you the truth… I didn’t know what to expect.. just the name stingray sounds dangerous to me… I mean, stingrays are part of the shark family.

At first it was just all these Atlantic Blue Tang fish but then the mermaid swam out ahead of me, and suddenly there they were…

People are afraid of stingrays because of what happened to Steve Irwin… The truth is, Stingrays are a lot more friendly than you think.

Steve Irwin was filmming a show called Oceans Deadliest in 2006 when he was killed by a stingray. The stingray stabbed Steve through the heart with it’s barb.


What happened to Steve was tragic but totally avoidable…

Basically, if you see a stingray out and swimming around, they pose no threat. That’s when they’re more open to interaction.

When shouldn’t you approach a stingray? Well, when a stingray feel threatened, its first line of defense is burying itself in the sand AWAY from everything. If a stingray is laying low, it means it’s not a good time to try and play with it, especially if you’re coming from behind.

Many of those who studied Steve Irwin’s accident say that Steve approached a stingray that was buried in the sand from behind, and poked it.

While that event was certainly tragic, it’s quite the exception. In reality, there are very few stingray attacks on humans reported… The number is estimated to be around one attack per year.



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