The Uganda Knuckles - Set The World On Fire by Crispy Toast   1 год. назад

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Here we witness the members of the Uganda Knuckles tribe and their actual way of life. Don't be fooled by their adorableness for their customs are rather... unique.

A shoutout to Gregzilla for unintentionally bringing that short chubby Knuckles into the world of VRChat. And trust me, you'll be seeing a lot of Uganda Knuckles over there. Whether you love them or hate them is completely up to you.

---- Music Used ----

Zuma - End of Level
Zuma - Level Theme
Team Fortress 2 - Saxton's Dilemma
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy - The Great Gate
Kevin Macleoud - Bossa Antigua
Zuma's Revenge - Level Theme #2
Yooka-Laylee - Capital Cashino Variant #2
Jingle Punks - Earthly Crust



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