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From wooden cars, to the crazy idea of making album records out of wood, these are 14 UNBELIEVABLE Wood Creations !

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8. Wooden Records
Records may be an outdated technology, but don’t tell Amanda Ghassaei that. She first caught the attention of the internet when she printed records using a 3D printer. She’s graduated from that to using a laser to carve records from wood and other materials. The sound is garbled and distorted from both of her creations, so she does have some improvements to make. So far she’s been able to carve records from wood, acrylic and paper and the results has been poor because the laser that she is using is too large to be able to cut the fine grooves that are needed for records. The records are stylish and unique, though, and Ghassaei is constantly trying to improve her results.

7. Wooden Ultimate Gaming System
This may look clunky and weird, but it’s actually a really cool electronic that you’ll kind of want after this. It’s called the ultimate gaming system, and it contains an Xbox 360, a Nintendo WiiU, and a PS3. The individual systems all work within the box through a single TV connection. You can toggle between the systems using a wooden switch. This is a box sure to make any nerd jealous, and you can make it. Ben Heck is the creator of this device, and he gives step by step instructions on youtube. The instructions are, unsurprisingly, complicated and, again, they shouldn’t be taken on by any old novice.

6. Mossy Keyboard
This piece of fake moss and real wood is, surprisingly, completely functional. The base of this keyboard is just a regular Apple wireless keyboard that they decked out to give you the just-out-of-the-Shire appearance. The keyboard is designed by Robbie Tilton with a contrast to the typical look of modern technology in mind. It proves that you don’t need monochromatic color and clean lines to be technologically advanced.

5. The Tryane II
The Tryane II is an adapted car that was made entirely out of wood the person that crafted this car is, ironically, called Friend Wood. When someone is named something like that it is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy to he would be becoming a carpenter at some point. The car took 2,000 hours to build and most of the time was spent gluing and stapling together pieces of mahogany and then polish them to a mirror-like finish. The car actually only weighs around 900 pounds compared to the average car that weighs around 4,000, and it also gets 70 to 90 miles per hour. Why isn’t every car made like this? Ask anyone that has ever gotten a splinter, and they will tell you why this car isn’t the safest. It’s a cool car, and even though it probably won’t be used that much, it still is an impressive accomplishment.

4. Maru Wood Watch
Watches seem a little out of date if it isn’t a Fitbit but this functional wooden watch may just reignite people's passion for it. The wood is centered on a mirrored LCD screen that tells the time. The method of time telling seems like something out a Harry Potter too. Instead of hands and numbers, the time is shown through orbiting rings that will lengthen along with the time. The ends of the lines tell the minute and the hour of the current time. The watch also features backlighting so that you can view the time at any time.

3. Plywood Headphones
These slim, fashionable headphones are made out of nine layers of varnished plywood. This item isn’t available for purchase anymore, sadly, but if you are crafty enough then you might just be able to make a replica of this unique, rare item. You might get a splinter on your head, though, so it might not be the best idea to make one of these headphones.

you can find this bamboo furnished boom box that is surprisingly powerful. The wooden bamboo is a highly sustainable wood that makes this creation super environmentally friendly. You have to charge this boombox to be able to use it, but the battery lasts for about 5 hours. You can still buy this item for just $70. Get nostalgic by blaring your music and carrying it around on your shoulder.

Wooden Sculptures
This astounding wooden sculpture is a creation from prolific carver Livio De Marchi who has been creating these giant, life-like sculptures since 1964. The Venetian artist has been carving almost his whole life. He said that he was interested in wood carving as a child and he practiced in a carpenter's workshop to hone his skills. He studied art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze which is an art school in Florence Italy where he experimented with both marble and bronze, but he eventually came back to wood because of its versatility. His most famous work of art is a house he carved entirely out of wood, including tables, plates, cutlery, table cloths, couches and couch cushions, and the clothes in the closet as well as on a clothesline.



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