Heirs to the Sea - Fantasy Short Film by Sabrina Nielsen   1 год. назад

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A fantasy short film about three mermaids banished from the sea, trying to bargain with the Moon Queen to get back their tails, so they can return home.

This story is part of the photography series "The Soul Chronicles" which you an view here:
The mythical characters of the mermaids are based on this, an original story, which differs from the myths you may know about mermaids. Please bear that in mind.


Finally the day has come, when I get to share this project with you all. I could go on and on about it - but for now, I'll keep it short: I'm super proud of everyone involved in this project and I truly hope you'll enjoy the result.

Ariellah E. Salimanov
Amanda Alicija B.
Nadja S. Jensen

Moon Queen:
Kitty Mortensen

Book Illustrator/All around assistant:
Tenna V. Olesen

Concept/Costume Design/MUA/Photography/Editing:
Sabrina Nielsen



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