GT Sport - Very fast GR.3 Daily Race on Nürburgring 24h by zocker1990   9 мес. назад

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Fantastic and close race with my fastest total time of the day ,685 min. while battling against derek737_DK.

GT Sport: Daily Race C - GR.3 on Nürburgring 24h Layout

- Car: Mercedes-AMG GT GT3
- Setup: BoP
- Tires: Racing Hard

Transmission - Manual
Traction Control - Off
ASM - Off
Countersteering Assistance - Strong
ABS - Default

Wheel: Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 + Elite Pedals

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Wheel Settings:
FF: 100
SHO: 0
ABS: Off
LIN: Off
DER: Off
DRI: 0
FOR: 100
SPR: 100
DPR: 100
FEI: 0

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