Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 3 - Messy House Chores Clean Up Games For Girls - Fun Gameplay By Tutotoons by Kids Monster   1 мес. назад

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Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 3 - Messy House
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Sweet little girls Alice and Emma will show kids that cleaning up at home can be super fun and very rewarding. Let’s turn chores into a game!

Sweet Baby Girl Dream House is a mess! Dirty dishes in the kitchen, unwashed clothes, broken fence, messy pony stables, dirty swimming pool, sticky floor, dusty tables and much more things need someone to take care of them. Time to clean up and make the Dream House look neat and pretty again!

With every good work in the game, kids will be rewarded with compliments for their efforts and earn coins. They can spend their coins on buying toys inside the game or unlocking new game items and activities!

Best kids game to learn good habits and simple kids responsibilities like keeping things tidy and organizing toys after fun time of playing with them!



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