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You never know when an earthquake will strike. That’s why we all have to be prepared to our fullest in case of emergency! BabyBus is proud to present “Earthquake Safety Tips” that illustrates how you and your children should react when an earthquake hits.
「水、非常食、ホイッスル、防災ずきん、手袋、毛布、防塵マスク、救急箱(救急ばんそうこう、包帯、ガーゼ、綿棒、消毒薬) 緊急連絡カード、懐中電灯、ラジオだよ。」
Safety tips to remember:
up an emergency backpack with necessities.
in the solid zone indoor and run toward an open area outdoors.
your head and cover your nose and mouth at all times.
protection may vary in different situations.
calm and be brave!

Fun features:
content of this game has been evaluated by earthquake specialists.
earthquakes in the comfort of your own house but play through the game in real-life settings.
earthquake may strike when you are at home, in school, in a supermarket, and on the street. Prepare yourself in all four settings.
interactions and easy to operate.




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