Brothers Accepted to Harvard and Stanford 3 Days Apart by Love What Matters   10 мес. назад

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"My younger brother just got into Harvard at 16 years-old! He plans to major in Applied Math and Computer Science. My brother and I go to school in the middle of little, old Breaux Bridge, Louisiana at TM Landry College Prep. We live about 30 minutes away; and more often than not, we end up clocking in at 7 a.m. and clocking out at 7 p.m. Our desire is to do great things, but to also push each other to the point we have now reached. I've also been working hard in school all my life, just so I'd be able to make sure I could take care of my mother... I just got accepted to Stanford! My intended major is Physics, with a minor in Computer Science."


A Love What Matters Original Story

Submitted by Alexander and Ayrton Little




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