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From Raju the Elephant, to Mr. Buscuits, the cutest kitty ever, these are 15 ADORABLE Rescued Animals !

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Title: Raju the Elephant
8. Raju was rescued in India. Raju, the elephant, spent most of his life, which was about 40 years, serving people. He was used as one would use a large piece of machinery. The elephant worked and worked its entire life only to be locked up in a pen every night and isolated from the world. Animals are not machinery, and they are not meant to be worked all their lives as Raju had been. Finally, animal rescuers saved Raju from a life of servitude and brought him to an animal sanctuary where he can live and roam free, happily.

Title: Mr. Biscuits the Cat
7. Mr. Biscuits was not abused or beaten, he was just very unlucky. In the winter it gets cold and cats look for warm places to stay, this little guy found his way into the engine of a car that was not in use. In the morning the owner of the car started the engine up and got down the block before they realized something was wrong. They shut off the car and found Mr. Biscuits inside. He had been severely burned by the engine and even caught on fire for a moment. The driver immediately called someone to help and got the poor animal out of the engine. The little guy has been nursed back to health and now lives a happy and painless life due to the kindness of certain individuals.

Title: Theo the Dog
6. Theo is another case of animal abandonment. He was left on the street, with hair overgrown and disease. Fortunately for little Theo, a good Samaritan who was driving by saw him and picked him up. Theo was brought back to health and was shaved to set him free of all the hair that was pulling and ripping at his skin. He now lives a happy life with a happy little bow tie that he wears every day.

Title: Vita the Dog
5. Vita was used as a fighting dog. People who use dogs to fight are some of the worst people on the planet and Vita was caught up with an owner who was very active in this. Vita was used to her limit, and when she passed a certain age, she was ditched because her previous owner believed she was useless now. She was found by animal rescuers and was nursed back to health. When she was found, she was sick and injured and defeated. She got saved and nursed to health and now she lives happily with a new family that loves her.

Title: Little Betty the Dog
4. Little Betty was abandoned and forced to live on her own for a reasonable period of time. In this period of time, she got very sick, and her fur became out of control. When she was found by animal rescuers, she was on the verge of death, and she was a sad sight to see. Rescuers nursed her back to health, and now she lives a normal and happy life with her new family.

Title: Rescued Fox
3. The little fox was found on the side of the road covered in mud. Its parents were hit by a truck that went by and the little guy was sent skidding into the mud and left for dead. Fortunately, animal rescuers came around and found the little ball of mud and pulled him free to bring him home. Once there they cleaned and scrubbed the little fox to ensure that he was free of all that irritating mud on him. Once cleaned off he was moved to an animal sanctuary where he will live until he is old enough to be released into the wild with no parental guidance.

Title: Cedar the Dog
2. Cedar the dog as found in deplorable condition by animal rescuers. He was so thin that bones were literally poking through his skin and he was close to death. The people who allowed him to get to this point and suffer so much should be arrested for what they have done. Cedar did not deserve the torment he received. Fortunately, he was rescued and nursed back to health. He is now happy and fluffy and living a decent life.

Title: Opie, the Cow
1. The story of Opie the Cow begins with tragedy. Opie was a livestock animal that was used for milk and breeding on a factory farm. Opie was abused and drained throughout the course of her life, and this was torment on her body and soul. She collapsed in an alley where she was left to die. This is where her savior enters the picture. The leader of the organization known as Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur, found and rescued Opie. He took her home and nursed her back to health. Opie and Gene became fast friends, and Opie lived happily as part of Gene’s family for 18 year long and healthy years.



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